Atlona AT-VGA 14A

• 3 x Power options: Self Powered via Computer VGA output, USB and 5V Power supply.
• Plug and Play – no driver or software installation needed.
• Connects up to 4 displays with stereo audio at resolutions up to 2056×1536
• Supports VGA 2K resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 @ 60/70/75Hz
• Video amplifier bandwidth: 730 MHz

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Congratulations on purchasing your Atlona AT-VGA12A, AT-VGA14A , AT-VGA18A. The Atlona
AT-VGA12A, AT-VGA14A and AT-VGA18A are the 1×2, 1×4 and 1×8 VGA~QXGA (640×480~2048×1536)
Distribution Amplifiers with Audio Support. All 3 models are featured 730 MHz video bandwidth which
allows for a distribution 2K and above resolutions with perfect video quality. The Atlona Distribution Amplifiers are designed for a high profile commercial use where the reliability is most important. The amplifiers have
the ability to be powered though 5V power supply and in case if power supply fails, the distribution amplifier
will be able to pick up power though VGA Cable connected to the input of the Distribution Amplifier. Atlona
has also implemented USB power in case of the first two fail.
Atlona recommends this products for Airports, Museums, Conference rooms, Laboratories or any other applications of high importance.