With the NXM-NMS NetModule Shell (FG2009-10), one NetLinx Control Card can be installed, providing connectivity to the NetLinx bus via ICSNet connections.
The NXS-NMS is a simple, economical option for integrating additional
functionality into control systems, and it provides an enclosure for installing NetLinx (NXC) Control Cards.

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• Control connector: 20-pin black (male) connector that connects the
NetModule Shell to external devices. These connectors are keyed to
ensure proper installation
• ICSNet RJ-45 connectors: Receives power and data from a NetLinx
Master/Hub ICSNet Port. An ICSNet port on a NetLinx Master or Hub supplies up to 500 mA at 12 V for module power
• 12 VDC power supply connectors: Two male 2-pin (green) connectors for
12 VDC power