AMX receiver AXR-RF


AMX AXR-RF FG782-418 V1.41 axlink Radio 418 MHz RF Récepteur

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Product Information

The AXR-RF Radio Receiver provides wireless reception of AMX radio frequency (RF)
transmitters. The AXR-RF connects to an Axcess Central Controller with an AXlink, 4-pin captive-
wire connector. When required for large areas, or multiple-room coverage, multiple receivers can
be connected in parallel on the AXlink bus.
Power Consumption
Dimensions (HWD)
Front Panel Components:
Radio data LED
AXlink LED
Rear Panel Components:
AXlink connector
Device number
RF antenna
TXC antenna connector
Receive Frequency
Maximum Range
AXR-RF RF Receiver
780 mW; ±12 VDC, 65 mA (max.)
1.5″ x 5.09″ x 5.27″ (3.81 cm x 12.93 cm x 13.39 cm)
10.56 oz. (299.37 g)
Red LED lights to indicate the AXR-RF has received an RF signal from an AMX
Green LED that lights to indicate AXlink power/data status as follows:
• One blink/second indicates power is active and AXlink communication is
• Two blinks/second indicates the devices specified in the main program do not
match the devices found.
• Three blinks/second indicates there is an AXlink communication error
• Full on indicates there is either no AXlink control/activity (but the power is On)
or the Axcess program is not loaded.
4-wire captive-wire AXlink connector for the Central Controller provides data
and nominal ±12 VDC power.
8-position DIP switch sets the device number for the AXR-RF.
Receiving antenna screws into the TXC antenna connector. If it is necessary to
place the antenna in a remote position, use up to 6 ft. (2 m.) of RG-174 coax
cable as an extension. Extend the antenna vertically during use.
Antenna coaxial connector
418 MHz standard (other frequencies are available)
300 feet (91.44 m)
Molded black matte plastic
• Alternate frequencies available
• PS2.8 Power Suppl