Crestron CH-HRMOT2-D6


The CH-HRMOT2-D6 is a cresnet motor controle.

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The CH-HRMOT2-D6 is a cresnet motor controle.

  • Control up to two electro-motors or 4 electrical loads.
  • Each Single Pole, double Throw relay (SPDT) can handle max. 10A at 250VAC.
  • For testing or emergency reasons dipswitches and dry contacts inputs can be used to control each relay sepately, relay 1&3 (motor up or down) and 2&4 (motor up and down)
  • Interface connects directly to Cresnet. Two 4-pole Phoenix connectors on board for easy daisy-chaining of multiple interfaces. Cresnet ID addressing through software.
  • DIN rail mountable universal casing to fit in any standard electrical cabinet. The interface takes module spaces on DIN.